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This site is the online source of news, information, and resources for residents of Smoky Mountain Ridge.  Join us here to be a part of making our community the best place to call home.

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Additional information for Smoky Mountain Ridge is available from the Directors and Officers of the association.  Please visit the Contacts page.

Electronic Payments - The homeowners association is now offering electronic payments for all remittances.   This convenient method includes e-payments and wire transfers.  More information is available by clicking here
Short Term Rental Unit Requirements - Beginning January 1, 2024, all short-term rental units in Sevier County outside of city limits will be required to have an annual permit issued, followed by a yearly inspection. More information is available on the county website by clicking here.
Important Pool Update - In early January of this year, the area intended for the retaining wall was found to be unstable.  As of this date, we are waiting on additional engineering and quotes to assess next steps.  Right now, the pool construction is on hold pending resolution of the retaining wall and other elements of the new pool area.